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Physical Therapy Session


At Raglan Sports Medicine (RSM), we understand that pain is often the reason people come to see us. Whether it is as a result of an injury, surgery or simply because of something more innocuous that’s developed over time the same questions come up. “What’s wrong?” “How do I get better?” “How do I avoid this happening again?” People want to get better, get better fast and stay better. The specialty of sports medicine is not limited to athletes but to all who want to live active and healthy lives. When pain becomes the reason a person stops their chosen sport or activity, the impact on them can be more than health related. It can be a significant part of their social circle, identity and mental health. We understand this and it’s why we work to try and manage all these facets as best as possible. Getting the best out of you

while helping you back to your best.

What Makes Us Different?

What gets planned often gets done. On initial assessment we will provide you with a specific and tailored treatment plan to give you the best outcome based on your needs. Quite often patients will report how previous treatment failed before and how it was offered on a week-to-week, ad hoc basis instead of offering best practice. Our experience working within high performance environments has led to the development of a system that suits all needs however the specifics are

bespoke to the individual and the injury.

Introducing the “RSM” framework. We look to do things differently at Raglan Sports Medicine with the focus always on our patient. With this in mind we have a framework that allows us to make your treatment completely bespoke while sticking to these 3 main principles. Whether you are a post surgical case, have had pain for years or simply woke up with a spasm in your neck, your treatment
path will follow these phases.



During this initial phase of your treatment we will use varying techniques that offer the best evidence currently available to restore you back to a symptom free state. Your therapist will outline all treatments with you and discuss which are best suited for your issue at the stage of your recovery to harness the best result. This is often the most intensive phase of your treatment but we make sure to allow for your body to respond and do what it

does best, heal.



Strength is a commodity we cannot afford to lose. Many issues in our body arise from our tissues not being able to adapt to the loads and stress we put on it. Your body will always take the path of least resistance and trust movements it has done numerous times but that does not make those movements efficient or  indeed best suited. During this phase your therapist will look to correct an strengthen those movement patterns in order to reduce any further injury but most importantly prevent the reason you came to us from returning.



We take pride in making sure our patients are educated throughout the process. It is important that they know what is wrong, how it happened and what they need to do to resolve it. Simple! However, all too often patients come in to us with a history of injury, including having professional care, but having no formal or informal diagnosis and were unsure what treatment they had. This phase ensures you have the tools to avoid re-injury or your issue returning through ongoing maintenance program that is sustainable while providing you with a means of self-assessment so that you can have an early warning sign before you

get an injury again.


Click the link here to book an appointment online at a time that suits you or alternatively you can contact us by phone or email. We would be happy to help you on your way back to your best.

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